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our Services

Our diversified business interests in Agriculture, Agrochemicals, Engineering, Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics, Information and Telecommunication, Real Estate and Construction, puts us on the front foot in service delivery.

Services Overview

Equipro Investments (k) is a fast growing regional distributor and integrator of labeling, coding and marking equipment, peripherals, supplies and service. With a wide range of products and services coupled with experienced and knowledgeable product specialists, we can satisfy all your product identification requirements. Our regional wide sales and service facilities provide responsive ongoing service tailored to our customer’s individual needs.

Equipro Investments (k) offers a complete line of marking, coding and labeling products from the industry’s top vendors. From inkjet printers, laser coders, impulse jet printers , thermal transfer over printers, bar code readers to label applicators and ink jet marking equipment used on production lines in a wide range of manufacturing sectors. They include the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive and electronic industries, where product identification codes, batch numbers, use by dates and barcodes are needed.

For marking or printing onto plastic, glass, paper, metal or other product substrates, Equipro Investments (k) is proud to offer a full range of industrial ink jet printers that offer world class reliabilty with advanced capabilities. Whether you need a machine to apply labels automatically or automate the printing of lot or expiry dates onto your products, we will have the most cost effective, reliable systems to meet your current application requirements and provide for future upgradablility desires.

We are Appointed Distributors Of:
Docod Precision Electromechanical Co., Ltd, China
Decod are manufacturers of high-precision mechanical and electrical products such as coding, marking, micro-valve, micro-tubes and fittings.

Alternative Printing Services (aps), Germany
The aps group specializes in industrial marking and coding using ink jet technology. aps is a technological leader in the development of ground-breaking thermal ink jet printers which allow maintenance free coding & marking onto porous & non-porous surfaces. The standard printer range is completed by a fully integrated board version for the integration into track & trace systems and a compact coder for secondary packaging.

Coding and Marking services (s.a.r.l), France
• Videojet • Domino • Imaje • Linx • Willett
Equipro Investments (k) specializes in providing construction services relating to electrical and mechanical systems in facilities of all types and in providing services for the operation, maintenance and management of all aspects of such facilities that meet your requirements and industry standards

Our services consists of those operations, which provide a portfolio of services needed to support the operation and maintenance of customers’ facilities (industrial maintenance and services; outage services to utilities and industrial plants; commercial and Government site-based operations and maintenance; mobile maintenance and services; facilities management; installation and support for building systems; program development, management and maintenance for energy systems; technical consulting and diagnostic services; infrastructure and building projects for local governmental agencies and bodies; small modification and retrofit projects, and retrofit projects to comply with clean air laws), which services are not related to customers’ construction programs.

Equipro Investments (k) Electrical and mechanical construction services primarily involve the design, integration, installation and start-up of:-

We also support systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration and clean-room process ventilation, fire protection, plumbing, process and high-purity piping, water and wastewater treatment, and central plant heating and cooling.

We are Appointed Distributors Of:
Fanox, Spain
Manufacturer of industrial electronic products specialized in modern protection and control systems
The Lutz Pumpen, Germany
Manufacturer of Drum and container pumps, Container pumps, Eccentric screw pumps, Flow meter systems, Double diaphragm pumps and Centrifugal pumps.
Ghanashyam engineering works , India
Manufacturer of all types of Heating Elements, Cutting Electrode, PCB Cards, Rubber items, Ink Rollers, Clutches & Brakes for all types ofpackaging machines.
Timmer Pneumatik , Germany
Providers of dosing technology, pumps, cylinders, valves, vacuum technology and vacuum lifting systems.
Aidmer Seal & Pack, China
Professional manufacturer of high-grade and top quality many styles of braided packing, gland packing, ptfe packing, graphite packing, gasket sheet, ceramic fiber, fiberglass products widely used for dynamically sealing shafts, valves spindle, plungers, agitators, and fans

Equipro Investments (k) have been registered as Road works Contractors’ by the Ministry of Roads Under Category ‘G’ and has beenlaying a strong foundation for a diversified general construction and supplies firm distinguished by integrity, quality, teamwork and building experience.

We offer a wide range of construction and supplies services. The project teams maintains a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect generated through positive relationships with clients, architect, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers. Our company policy encourages shared performance responsibility ensures the highest degree of professional services and results on projects undertaken.

The project team at Equipro Investments (k) thrives on challenging contracts, offering a full range of construction and sup`ply services. With its dedication to excellence, We have managed to successfully complete various contracts to the satisfaction of the clients. We undertake every aspect of the Designing, Construction and finishing processes; from the planning stage to the final handover. We have a highly skilled workforce in all stages of Construction, including Ground Clearance and Excavation Works, Concreting, Roofing, Framing, Sewerage, Plumbing and Electrical Works as well as Trimming, Painting, Tiling and Fine Finishing.
This company was incorporated to specialize in the following fields:

Building Architectural/Drawing
Civil Engineering Services
Building & Construction Consultancy
Water & Sewerage treatment works
Storm Water Drainage & Canalization
Water Reticulation
Roads & Car Parking
Industrial and Domestic Plumbing & Drainage

We also Supply:-

Building Materials-Hardware.
Road Construction Materials-Sand, Chipping, Aggregates, Bitumen.
Communication equipments.
Electrical materials.

The construction industry is currently the fasted growing industry in Kenya. In recognition of this fact, the objective of this company is to provide quality products and services and to continually improve on customer service at competitive prices to best meet their needs. The company has embraced the latest technologies in communication and logistics to ensure that our clients receive the right service at the right time. Our management and technical staff are dedicated to steer his company towards achieving these goals.
maintnance We offer Maintenance Contracts for all the products that we sell. This is especially important for products or services that need regular servicing or checks. Maintenance and technical support services provide single-source tech support designed to help keep your multivendor environment operating at peak performance.

Our comprehensive portfolio of tech support, maintenance and warranty services are designed to protect your IT environment during warranty and post-warranty periods. Whether you want to upgrade your service for in-warranty machines or extend your post-warranty tech support coverage, we offer experienced technicians, an extensive parts network, and flexible service level options designed to meet your specific business needs.

Our Maintenance Support Solutions Includes:

Hardware Maintenance- testing and cleaning of the hardware
Information system maintenance - updating of master files, such as adding and deleting employees or customers and similar.
Software Maintenance- updating of application programs in order to meet changing information requirements, such as adding new functions. It also includes fixing bugs and adapting the software to new hardware devices.
Network Maintenance- taking care of the overall health of the network (anticipating, preventing and solving the problems, troubleshooting, cable testing
Security Maintenance - ensuring that the systems remain secure all the time. Security maintenance service may include backups, checking permissions and ownerships in critical files and directories, checking the assignment of rights, monitoring system logs etc
Telephony Maintenance- the telephony maintenance service is similar to the data networking processes of fault isolation and correction. On the other hand, IP telephony maintenance is much easier than with the traditional phone set up and can be done remotely
Preventive Maintenance- performing proactive maintenance in order to prevent system problems. Its purpose is to minimize breakdowns and excessive depreciation.
Predictive Maintenance- strives to detect the onset of system degradation and to address the problems as they are identified. Predictive maintenance differs from preventive maintenance by basing maintenance needs on the actual condition of the system, rather than on some predetermined schedule.
Reactive Maintenance- No actions are taken to maintain the system, either to prevent failure or to ensure that the planned life of the equipment is reached.
Reliability Centered Maintenance- a systematic approach of evaluating a facility's equipment and resources to best match the two needs.

Equipro Investments (k) is striving to be the leading marketing and service oriented petroleum products distributor and retail marketer. We offer petrol, diesel fuel, lubricants, fuel oil, grease, kerosene, and all the related equipment and services to a wide range of industrial organizations for fleet fueling, storage tanks, or tank wagons

We also provide value-added services such as lubricant management, fuel management, lubrication surveys, marketing services and training that will help your business maximize its profits and improve its bottom line.

Our Services

Equipro Investments (k) prides in offering its esteemed customers quality of product and service. Listed below are some of the services available to our customers.

Sale of fuels (petrol, diesel)
Sale of Industrial Diesel Oil (IDO)
Sale of lubricants.
Sale of Oil & Grease
Sale of crude oil.
Sale of petroleum gas and bitumen - Packed and in bulk.
Sale of petroleum pumps.

Our Benefits

By making Equipro Investments (k) your bulk fuel distributor and lubricant distributor, you will:
Increase Profitability
Improve performance of new and reconditioned parts
Reduce emissions output
Receive prompt order processing and delivery